How can I add a brand ??

Email or DM us with the brand name. If we feel as though it is a popular brand and has frequent drops then we will consider adding it to the home page. If not info will be listed under other tab.  

What does FCFS mean in the retailers page ??

FCFS means "First Come First Served" so the release will not be held via raffle but you will need to try your best to cop the fastest before they run out of stock.  

Do all retailers ship worldwide ??

Retailers listed will ship worldwide unless stated otherwise.  

How do I zoom into an image ??

To zoom into a image on the details page, simply click on the image for it to be enlarged where you will be then able to view details.  

Why do some products have a question mark as the image ??

We add the question mark placeholder image due to the fact that we are unable to provide a image as of that time because of circumstances such as it is a unseen item or the images have yet to surface on the web.  

After switching devices or clearing data, my premium no longer works ??

To solve this simply click the "Premium Upgrade" bar at the top of the main page and it will check if you have purchased before and then premium will now become active once again.