Promote your brand to an audience dedicated to the streetwear & sneaker scene.



· 77K Active Unique Users per 28 day month across both iOS & Android.

· Over 2.4 Million Banner impressions per month / 82K Impressions per day.

· 56% User retention by week 2.



· 74% of age 18-24 / 96% of users are Male.

· 14.5% sessions from Germany.

· 14.4% sessions from Italy.

· 12.9% sessions from United Kingdom.

· 12.2% sessions from Poland.

· 12% sessions from United States.


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For this advertising package, the ad banner will be used to promote your brand / product. This banner is present on a large majority of the apps user interface. This includes the Drop pages / Product detail pages / Retailer page. Having a banner run across most of the app will give the best results possible when advertising with Droplist.

A banner which has dimensions 320 x 100 will be shown to the users in these placements. The banner will need to be designed by yourself / company using programs such as Photoshop to export it as a JPG file. If you need any help with creating this banner, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be able to provide banners for a small extra cost.

You will also need to provide a link that users will be redirected to if the banner has been clicked.

Download the app to see how these banner ads are placed and how exactly they work when clicked.


· £4 / €4.5 / $5.1 per CPM (1,000 Impressions). *Minimum spend of £20 / €22 / $26.

· £250 / €280 / $320 for a 24 Hour space on the app + Notification / Instagram Story.

· £1400 / €1562 / $1782 for a 7 Day space on the app + Notification & Instagram Story / Post.

· £4400 / €4912 / $5600 for a 4 Week space on the app + Notification & Instagram Story / Post


This system will be up and running a few more days after further testing. However still feel free to submit this form to show interest and we will get back to you with further details once the system in app is ready.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having ad space on Droplist. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. If you need further details about the program before you want to fill out this form then click here to send a enquiry,

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